Welcome to the website for the village of Hermitage, Berkshire, UK

This is the website for the community and Parish Council of Hermitage in West Berkshire, UK.

On the right you’ll see some of our recent updates to social media. At the top there are menus to navigate the 2 main parts of the site – about the village and about the Parish Council.

This new website for Hermitage is still being tweaked

Welcome to the new website for Hermitage and the Hermitage Parish Council. Please bear with us (and remember this site is managed by volunteers!) whilst we get this new site up and running – more content will be added and tweaks will be made over the next few weeks and months. Once more people are trained on the use of the site this will start to happen. In particular we will add more images and documents (such as the minutes from HPC meetings etc.

If you’d like to get involved in maintaining website (or contributing content) please get in touch via the Facebook page for the Parish Council (click here).

For more information about the site please see this page.

Thank you for your continued patience.

The Hermitage web and social media team.